Kakoo Collection

As you may know we try to give back as much as we can. In 2020, much of our donations was focused at sewing masks, donating masks and mask hooks. We also donated to Aloha Harvest, the Aloha Diaper Bank, and the Pōpolo Project. 

Instead of choosing an organization for each month of the year, we try to make the best decision of donating where it is needed most in that given time period.

As we closed 2020, I wanted to donate to organizations that would help to protect our home, Hawaiʻi. One of the things I saw during COVID was how our Earth bounced back (even if it was just a little) from the slowing down of humans. Water that was once murky and polluted cleared, we saw lower fossil fuel emissions and cleaner air.

Here in Hawaiʻi people started working in their gardens...to the point it was nearly impossible to find soil! Huli were being distributed for FREE all over! I have never seen such a thing and it was inspiring. I know when my kalo are ready and I have huli I will pay forward that generosity. 

The purpose of this collection is to donate proceeds from to specific organizations gives back to our Hawaiʻi. 

Kakoo Collection


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