Kamanuailehua Collab

This collab is a special one to myself and Kea. As part of this Kakoo collection, I will be donating proceeds from this item to the Ohia Love Seed Storage Project. This project supports UH's Lyon Arboreteum Seed Conservation Lab to collect and preserve ohia seeds from all islands for future forest restoration.

I asked Kea to share with me (and you) the meaning behind this special design, Kamanuailehua. Please take a minute to at least read what she wrote:

 "Kamanuailehua refers to the native birds who drink the nectar of the ohia lehua blossom and is part of the name given to my son at birth. This name carries special meaning in our ohana as it appears multiple times in our mookuauhau and was intended to bridge the gap between generations. Some of the birds depicted are now extinct, but I feel it is our kuleana to intertwine them into this design so that we can learn from the past and change our actions in order to help shape the future our keiki will be living in. Birds depicted: iiwi, mamo, apapane, akiapolaau, oo. Some of these birds are threatened, some are critically endangered, and sadly - some are extinct. These birds and many other animals heavily rely on a balanced ecosystem, with the nectar of lehua blossoms in particular."

Kamanuailehua Collab


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