Crownless Papale


Crownless Pāpale are pretty popular now and I remember saving my money for my first lauhala pāpale piko 'ole. Learning how to take care of it and also display this priceless work of art. After wearing my pāpale out on special occasions, Kili started asking me for one and I bought a keiki size pāpale (it was pretty hard to find during COVID times...with no craft fairs to go to). 

Lafite straw crownless pāpale became more popular and a more economically friendly option. I am all for supporting our Native Hawaiian weavers. If you have ever seen some of the pāpale created with lauhala, the skill and beauty is unbeatable! However, to pay $150+ for a keiki lauhala pāpale (something they would outgrow and maybe not take care of well) I decided to search for a cheaper alternative that wouldn't make me cry if something happened to it. 


I had trouble finding one and decided to have some made for my keiki and yours. These pāpale are handwoven overseas but are able to withstand the love your keiki may give it. 




These pāpale come in 3 sizes for your keiki. The brim size may vary by 1/2" due to its handmade nature along with the color of the straw (may range from a light green to tan color). The straw will also naturally dry as it ages. 

The 18" pāpale are on the greener side, the 19" is green with tan weaved in, and the 20" pāpale having more tan with some green. 


Sizing: Measure your keiki's head size around their forehead (similar to when they go to the doctor to have their head circumference measured. Do not size down or the papale may not fit.


    Material: Lafite Straw