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Punky Aloha Kupua Collab Tee - King Kamehameha

$20 $30

This will be a limited run so you don't want to miss out!
Each character will be printed only one time!!!


Another fun collab with one of our favorite local artists, Shar Tuiasoa! I saw some playful characters she was creating and came up with a list of characters I thought would be fun for some keiki gear!  


Kupua: nvs. Demigod or culture hero, especially a supernatural being possessing several forms (as Kama-puaʻa and Laenihi); one possessing mana; to possess kupua (magic) powers. 


Kamehameha was descended from chiefs of Hawai`i and Maui. He distinguished himself as a talented warrior and served his uncle Kalaniopu`u, ruler of several districts on the island.  He was the keeper of Kūkaʻilimoku, one of the four major gods in Hawaiian  culture. He united the Hawaiian Islands into one royal Kingdom after years of conflict. 

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