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Tony & Mei Collab: Stay Rooted Rainbow Maker Suncatcher Decal

One of our favorite things to do is collab with other small shops. We were so excited when Mindy (of Tony & Mei) asked if we wanted to do a rainbow maker suncatcher. 


It's been said that you can't have Rainbows without the rain.  Well, now with a little bit of Sunshine, you can create your own Rainbow with our Rainbow Making Suncatcher Decals! Who couldn't use a little bit of magic in their lives?

Tips for Creating the brightest Rainbows

- Find a window that receives Direct Sunlight
(you can't catch the shine without the Sun!)
-Clean your window surface prior to applying

-South Facing Windows will produce all day Magic
-West Facing Windows will give you Rainbows in the afternoon
-East Facing Windows will give you Rainbows in the morning
(Remember the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West)

Good to Know:
-Our Decals are removeable and will not leave residue
-They are also re-positionable!
-Use these decals at home, in your office, car, or work studio or these days...your virtual homeschool space!

Customer Reviews

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Leila A.

Can't wait to put this on our ka'a! It's gonna look so cool when the sun hits it.