I splurged but it was worth every penny

I splurged but it was worth every penny

Growing up I was known to save my money and buy big and fancy toys. I remember my first huge purchase was my longboard. I think I paid $500 for it and I remember thinking I need to get my money's worth! Fast forward, I spent $$$ on my computers, apple watches, a drone in a sleep deprived state (yes, I bought it in the middle of the night and I didn't even realize I did until it came in the mail!). 

Anyways, I've gotten a little better at not just buying something I want and making sure I actually need it. I had been eyeing out this Veer wagon for quite some time. I wanted to buy it with Mehana but I couldn't justify the purchase. I mean, did we really need another wagon when our Costco one worked fine? And then I saw the price tag and I immediately pumped the breaks and threw it into the want category instead of the need category. I eventually forgot about the pretty wagon and we've been living with our Costco one (which has been alive for years now).

Now the story changed once ʻImi came along...being the 4th baby, staying at home while the older kids get dropped off/picked up from school, go to practice, etc. is just not an option. I actually had to buy a stroller for him (it's an Uppababy, another huge price tag but worth every penny and is my absolute favorite stroller I've ever owned...a blog for another day). Anyways, after a few weeks of trying to push our stroller over the grass and roots at the park, a few IG posts about the Veer wagon popped up and then some ads and I started to dream about the wagon again. 

It wasn't until I hit a big root at the park while trying to piggy back Mehana on the stroller (we have one of those little skateboard attachments for her instead of a double stroller) that I was like I need a wagon that can handle the park. I did my research and asked a lot of my followers on IG about their wagon. Let me just say that people get very passionate about their wagons. There were a few other names that came up (Evenflo, Wonderfold, Jeep) but the Veer seemed to be the all around winner. 

Besides being marketed as easy to wash, fold, take to the park and beach, it hit everything we needed.

  • Oversized wheels to go "off roading".
  • Carseat attachment for our Uppababy was a huge perk - they have different attachments for different brand carseats.
  • Ability to push or pull
  • Attachable Snack tray!!
  • 5 point harness for the 2 seats! 
  • Accessories that help make wagon life easier - storage basket to carry extra items, retractable canopy, travel bag, and more!

The only major con I heard from people was that it wasn't easy to steer through grocery aisles but I have no plans on taking this into a store every, just need it for the park.

That being said, I bought it. You can buy it from their website but I got it from Nordstrom. I used my triple points day and had them ship it to me. I think I could have done pickup but i would have had to lower my 3rd row - the boxes were big! I spent just under $940 (ouch) on the wagon and some accessories. I will probably return the Veer bug shield though...not sure why I got it and I don't think it'll be useful for 2 kids in the wagon. If I only had 1 kid then yah, maybe it's worth it (you know, cuz all the mosquitos here in Hawaii. IDK about you but I am a mosquito magnet). They did have a little baby basinet attachment that looked cool but again, I have way too many kids for that accessory.

Me contemplating buying it

I've been using our Veer for about a month and I can confidently give my opinion on it.

NOTE: I can't review the beach because we haven't ventured out to the beach yet but we do go to the park a few times during the week because of baseball practice and games.

The wagon is heavy duty...the website says its 32.5 lbs. Everything I ordered came in a couple of boxes. Setting the wagon up was pretty easy. I had the hardest time with the wheels (had to look at the directions for that) and I did use the directions for the car seat attachment (don't want baby to fall off because I didn't read how to install it). 

Set up my Veer Cruiser with Me


I can fit it into the back of our van and still have room for all of our stuff. I like to stand it up or lay it on its side. If you take off the wheels you could fold it completely flat but I don't think that's necessary. I love that the handle locks into place so no floppy handles here (that drives me crazy with our costco wagon).

I feel like I'm pushing a tank when I take the Veer out...definitely wouldn't want to take this bad boy through a crowd. I have the baby in the carseat attachment, Mehana is riding and buckled in, a bunch of stuff in our storage basket in the front and the two older kids walking along side me. 

We did test this wagon out during the rain too! Mehana stayed nice and dry while the rest of us squeezed under an umbrella. ʻImi was safe too with his carseat cover over his carseat!

I did try to go down a ramp at a park that had two turns and well, that was a disaster. We held up walking traffic and I tried to make the tight turns. It was doable but it was hard to get that sharp turn...I'll say wide turns only for this bad boy. If I didn't hold up traffic I would have stopped to take a picture of us getting "stuck" in the turn.

We also had to hop a couple curbs which wasn't the easiest with the low profile of the storage basket and the area of the wagon where the feet go. I made it over the curb but probably hit the bottom (ugh...I didn't look to see if I scratched it). I did have a nice dad help me lift the wagon over a high curb with Mehana and ʻImi in it! That sucker was heavy to lift but team lifting for the win!

Overall I would still give this wagon a 9.5/10.  The minus .5 is for not curb friendly. Sometimes we gotta pop those wheelies

I can live with it being heavy and not curb friendly. Tight turns, I really don't plan on taking any tight turns in the future (no stores for us with this). If you are planning on using it to haul a bunch of gear (and not kids), I don't think this is the wagon for you...stick with the costco one. The bells and whistles are amazing even if you have to spend a fortune on this. It's great to throw the kids in, I love the seatbelt. 

If I ever take it to the beach I'll definitely let you all know! 


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