baby girl wearing the keiki dept shirt that says kaikamahine

Dear Santa...Love, Kili

Dear Santa,

You might not know me but I'm Kili and this is my first Christmas. Everyone keeps asking my mommy what I want for Christmas and she has no clue. I heard her telling different people all I want for Christmas is Kalei's toys but that's not totally true. I LOVE playing with his Legos and cars...and basically anything he is playing with at the moment. BUT I don't give a S#*! about stacking cups or shape sorter. So to help you out I thought I'd tell you what I really want for Christmas this year...

baby wearing snowman outfit


Here is my top 5 things on my list this year.

I promise that I've been a good girl!

I really really want these. I'm not picky. I like the ones that hang from the windows or the ones that plug into the walls. I really enjoy playing with the ones that seem to gather up in blocked off areas. It's like my family knows I love a challenge when I try to get to them. As long as they have those metal prongs on them or some type of small piece of plastic, I'll be happy!

wires plugged into outlet

I don't want that plastic crap they try to sell to babies. I want real keys. I want to taste that metal in my mouth. If they have grime on it even better! There is nothing like chewing on a set of used house keys. Don't try to trick me Santa...

car keys

I also would love a pair of glasses. I always see people wearing them so I want one. I like to chew on them or better yet, try to snap them! There is just something about these glasses that no one wants to give me their's.

baby wearing the keiki dept playing with sunglasses

My mom always goes into her office and while she is doing stuff for her business, I love to play with this stuff. I like to pull these things out of it and she likes to take it away from me and put it back in there. It's a fun game and I want my own so I don't have to wait until she goes in her office. Please make sure it's fun of all the goodies inside!

trash can full of rubbish

I don't know what this is but there are these buttons that pop up. My mom is always on it. Can I have one too?

cell phone


Thanks again Santa! 

Love, Kili girl



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