Those Little Chompers

Those Little Chompers

Everyone and their mom has their opinion about how to deal with TEETHING!!!! While every baby experiences teething, every baby is also different. 

My son for instance always got 4 chompers at a time! It was a nightmare but it came and went so fast. He also took it like a champ! He wasn't extra fussy...he just chewed on everything!!! Especially me .:: OUCH ::.

My go to for Kalei were lots of frozen teething toys and Hyland's teething tablets. Yes I know they were recalled (after we used them) and yes I know the controversy...but it worked for us. 

My daughter has been totally different. She has gotten one or two at a time and she made sure we all knew when a tooth was about to break through! She was cranky and fussy, couldn't sleep or eat. She was the poster child for a difficult teether! 

For Kili we turned to Essential Oils and the different teething blends. I always get asked, which blend should I answer is to try them all to see what works best for your baby. We actually used 2 or 3 different blends and I would rotate them. Sometimes one blend worked better than another...don't ask me why, all help ease discomfort. 

Both of my children wore amber necklaces. Don't ask me if they work or not because I put them on them in good faith that it helped. 

Needless to say teething is NOT FUN. But it does pass.


Some traditional approaches to teething include:

  • massaging gums with a wet washcloth
  • wipe their mouth and chins (prevent rash fom all that drool!)
  • if it's really causing discomfort...tylenol (as recommended by your physician)


Here are some other tips I received from some mommas in a recent InstaStory I had posted about teething...

  • Try every teething toy til you find one that makes them happy
  • I'd give my baby a big slice of apple to gnaw on
  • Shave ice!
  • Amber necklace...was soooo skeptical, but it works!
  • Hyland's teething tablets
  • Amber necklace was the only thing that saved us!
  • Chewing on ice
  • Essential oil blend and teethers
  • doTerra teething oil has gotten us thru the worst
  • Wet wash cloth when a tooth is coming out
  • Frozen fruit
  • Essential oils along the jaw
  • Chamomile teething pills and doTerra essential oils
  • Nothing works for me :( 





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