Common Places Keiki Hide Things

Common Places Keiki Hide Things

Recently we had a thief hit our house. It was an inside job. She hit before we knew it and it was too late! She had done some practice on other items in the house...the magnetic lock for the kitchen cabinets (safety locks) keys (that we always found) AirPods (which are still missing). 

But this time she took something that affected the whole household...the remote control!!! Long story short...the remote was missing for almost the entire day.  Which isn't the end of the world but long enough that I drove myself crazy that we couldn't find it.

So after searching high and low...I decided to ask my shop followers . to see where their kids hide things. It was funny to see a lot of similar places that keiki hide things like keys, remotes and phones!


Are these spots your keiki like to hide things???



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