About our Products:

Our clothing is made both here in Hawaii by myself and overseas with our trusted manufacturers who we have spent months (and years) developing relationships with. 

All of our merchandise is made in small batches. The fashion industry is one of the leading industries in the world for pollution. With this in mind, we strive to have practice sustainable fashion. We do our best to have clothing designed and manufactured:

  • in an environmentally conscious way
  • use eco-friendly materials such as fabric made from organically grown fibers, and packaging our items in natural and bio-degradable bags and mailers when possible.
    • practice eco-friendly production, such as using environmentally friendly dyes 
  • with human rights in mind, by ensuring our manufacturers use ethical labor practices


Taking care of your clothing:

All of our clothing is machine washable. We recommend hang drying or using a low/delicate setting on your dryer to preserve color due to the nature of the inks. 

For organic cotton items, darker colors may fade after multiple washes. 

For tote bags, wash inside out and hang dry.



Shipping & In-Person Pickups:

Orders placed on our website are shipped out using USPS by weight. Our current processing time is 3-5 business days plus time for USPS to deliver. We do not offer in-person pickups at this time, however we have a number of retailers you can shop with in-person.

Please see our policy on shipping here.

View our List of Retailers here.


Returns & Exchanges

Please see our policy on Returns & Exchanges here.