Inside the Box Photos

Inside the Box Photos

Are you shopping online more? I know we are. My keiki love to play with the large boxes we get from Amazon. Usually they color all over them and use them to make forts or cars...but this time I saw a photo of kids in a box and decided to try to recreate it!

Photoshoot Prep

  • Push the box flaps in or tape them back.
  • Set the box on a big chair or table (so their feet or hands can hang over)
  • Have ideas for them to try to do while they are in the box

Photoshoot Time

  • I started with the keiki with the shortest attention span and worked my way to the most cooperative keiki...
  • Take the photos 1 at a time. Know how many photos of each child you would like and then double or triple them. It is always better to have more options than not enough.
  • Make sure you have enough light and you take the photo from the same height. It is best if you move so you are level with the box (not looking upwards or downwards at the box)
  • When Mehana was too small to sit up, I actually laid the box flat on the ground and took the photos from above. It was a little harder to make sure I got the pic straight on and my shadow wasn't over them.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - Do not be afraid to bribe your keiki with treats for a nice photo!

Editing the Photos

  • Editing takes practice. I like to edit using Photoshop on the Computer or Bazaart on my phone. Have fun with it!!!

  • Photoshop - I use the quick select to get rid of the background. Then combine all the images!
  • Bazaart - I like how you can erase using your finger. It takes a little longer but itʻs doable. 


Quick Edit in Photoshop

1. Open photo and use the quick select tool to highlight the background area


2. Hit delete and erase background to transparent

3. Open a new photoshop document (I like 8"x10" for easy framing). Add all the photos for your box photo into separate layers. It's helpful to rename your layers.


Quick Edit in Bazaart (iPhone or iPad)

1. Open Photo from your Camera Roll

2. Use Eraser to erase background


3. I like to change the background color to white. You can resize your photo by clicking and dragging the corners. 

Continue to add the rest of your photos to your picture! When you are done you can even resize your canvas!


Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial!





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