leilani, owner of the keiki dept, with newborn baby

Why Shopping for an OBGYN is important

I never realized how important it was to shop around for an OBGYN.

When I was younger I didn't really care who my OBGYN was. I went to the one my mom saw. She was nice but I was in and out once a year. Didn't feel the need to get to know her or anything. But then she retired and I met with one of the docs she recommended. I liked her, she was in a private practice also, close to my home, and there was another younger doctor that worked with her. I had just found out I was pregnant and I asked her a few questions - did she plan on staying in Hawaii, would she be with me the whole pregnancy, and did she have kids/plan on having kids (seemed very intrusive to me at the time to ask someone something so personal but if the stars aligned and we were both pregnant at the same time or she left because she wanted to stay home with her baby, that would affect me also).

I really got along with her and I was so happy to have found my doc right away. But life happens and at 7 months pregnant she abruptly left the practice. Yup...SHE LEFT THE PRACTICE with no reason why other than me receiving a weird, angry sounding letter from the other doctor saying that she was taking over all her patients. At 7 months pregnant I was shocked and felt abandoned. It seemed like there was some type of falling out between the two.

It was my first baby and I had no idea what to do so I stuck it out. I wasn't thrilled about the situation but I made the best of it and I had my son at 37 weeks. I felt like I received good care and didn't think about finding a new doc at that point.

Fast forward to Kili....when I found out I was pregnant with her I was too lazy to look for a new doc. There were warning signs...my doc was very abrupt in the way she talked to me (I figured it was the broken english) and sometimes I felt like she was rude but I brushed it off. I sometimes felt like I was getting scoldings but I wasn't there to make friends so it was fine. But the tipping point for me was watching the staff turnover....and how she treated her staff. It's something you don't see when you go in for your once a year appointment but when you see your doc monthly...it's a huge red flag. When she scolded and belittled her staff in front of me that's when I decided I needed a new doc. Even the way she talked to the nurses when I giving birth, and the resident doctors...I was not happy about it.

Fast forward again to Mehana....I was pretty sure I was pregnant and again...I had been too lazy to find a new doc. But when I went in to confirm my pregnancy she told me there was no way I was pregnant. Something about the test result in the office took too long to show a positive. So it was likely a false positive. Period. The end. She wasn't going to do any blood work.

I even asked her about my belly button (long story short, my kid's pediatrician suspected I had an umbilical hernia and told me I should have my OBGYN look at it). She wouldn't even look at my belly button and again, told me it was impossible because I had a vaginal birth and not a c-section. 

And that was the point I said forget it...I'm finding a new OBGYN. I actually put the call out to you guys, my customers. I asked you folks for who your OBGYN was and why you loved them. I got a ton of great suggestions and I met with a couple. 

I shopped around. I asked them the same type of questions - do you plan on staying in Hawaii, do you have kids/plan to have kids, and do you plan on staying with the practice. I did not want to have another doc leaving me during my pregnancy. 

In the end I chose Dr. Kanoelehua Perry. She came highly recommended from a few labor & delivery nurses. I really wanted a doctor that was loved by her patients AND her staff (and nurses at the hospitals). I also wanted a younger doctor because I don't want to have to find another OBGYN any time soon.

Although I've known Dr. Perry only for a little over a year...I do feel like I've known her a lot longer. She is truly kind and caring. I never felt rushed when I went to see her and she always answered any questions I had. I had a fairly easy pregnancy up until the end and when my body was going cray cray....Dr. Perry was always there. She always made me feel comfortable and cared for, something I wasn't used to. 

I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for an OBGYN. She is located at Queens POB II. 


No matter who you choose as your OBGYN...do not get lazy like me. Make sure you have a doc that you have good vibes with and also treats their staff nicely. Don't put it off if you aren't happy. My biggest regret is that I didn’t I shop around sooner...

leilani, owner of the keiki dept, with newborn baby


So back to the recommendations from my customers...I know Queen's might not be the ideal location for you....but here is a list of Doctor's that were recommended by my customers back in November 2019.

Please do your own research when searching for a doctor. Talk to your friends and family about why they love their doctor.

I cannot vouch for any of the doctors on this list except for Dr. Perry. 

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