newborn baby swaddled in lei maile bamboo kapa moe swaddle blanket

The story behind our Lei Maile Design

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through old messages, reliving conversations you had? I love a face-to-face conversation and even will take one over the phone, but the one nice thing about text messages is having those words written down and hearing that voice in your head, saying those words as you read. 

This is pretty how much it went this past week as I reflected on our entire lei collab with Emily from Kaulumaika. Read about our original lei design here, and our Omaomao and Anuenue designs here.

Our fourth lei in the collab was a Maile lei print and being that (at the time) we thought our fourth baby would be our last, it felt like a great way to close out the lei collection.

lei maile paintings by emily of kaulumaika

Maile lei are significant here in Hawaii for important events we celebrate. Maile lei is often seen entwined in itself in its beauty and strength, as well as entwined with other flowers, both native and not native.

When I proposed this idea to Emily I felt there was so much to celebrate after a tough year. People came together and persevered through some difficult times. We were about to welcome our fourth baby and I felt that whisper in my ear that Maile was the lei we had to feature. This lei is always there for those big moments in life and this was one of them.

We decided on both native and non-native lei entwined with the Maile strands. As Emily put it, the two lei coming together in harmony, supporting each other.

There is so much we can learn from our lei that we can apply to our relationships.

newborn baby wrapped in lei maile bamboo swaddle blanket

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