Baby Product Review: Cybex Cloud G Lux Car Seat

Baby Product Review: Cybex Cloud G Lux Car Seat

As a mom of 5, I’ve owned a few car seats and strollers. I tried the economical route but while it was nice on my wallet, it didn't always last.

I’ve learned you get what you pay for when it comes to these car seat stroller combos and if you’re planning on having more than one kid, it will be worth it to splurge (if it is in your means of course). The last 2 kids probably got the most expensive car seat combos but it was the first time I didn't regret our purchase. 

Baby girl got lucky since our UPPAbaby got damaged in the bad rains a couple months ago and we weren’t going to take any chances. Full disclosure, I loved our UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seat and Cruz V2 Stroller (with kick board). I was excited to be able to use it again because that stroller was perfect for our markets and family outings.

Keiki Dept Cybex Cloud G Lux review

So why Cybex?

We happened to get gifted the Cybex Gazelle double stroller and it was perfect since 'Imi wasn't ready to give up his ride, but we needed a new infant stroller. Around the same time, our travel stroller (GB Pockit) died after almost 6 years and I found myself having to spend more money than I wanted on all of this baby gear.

Long story short, I got over it and I started researching Cybex. I was going to get a Nuna (since so many of you love their car seats and I love our Nuna Exec that 'Imi is in right now), but I wanted to do my due diligence. We were about a month out and if you live in Hawaii, you know that you can't always just pick up a car seat at the store, many times you have to have it shipped in.

After doing some research, I ended up choosing the Cybex Cloud G Lux and I don't regret it. 



  • It's pretty, yes. I know, not a safety thing but it's pretty to look at
  • Has an anti-rebound base with load leg that reduces crash forces on the child and Linear Side-Impact Protection (LSP) that reduces collision forces if child is seated near the door 
  • One click rigid latch system and no rethread harness 
  • Can be put into a FULL recline position when it's not in the car and in the travel system, so baby can stay in the car seat longer if napping. Reminder, this is not a replacement for a sleeping surface, always follow AAP guidelines for safe sleep.
  • Sensor Safe Technology alerts you when child unbuckles the chest clip while still in motion, if child is seated for a prolonged period of time, if the temperature gets too hot or cold, or if child is still buckled in the car seat after you leave the vehicle. It also notifies emergency contacts if no action is taken, sharing your location.
  • Ventilation
    • Ventilation in shell to allow for natural air flow 
    • XXL UPF50+ sun canopy with mesh for better air ventilation 
  • FAA compliant for aircraft use without the base
  • Includes an infant Insert can be used up to 11 lbs and removed for larger infants. The insert can be folded for a better fit on tiny babies. 


Okay I really have none after using the car seat for a week. Honestly besides being a little heavy (the car seat is 12.5 lbs) and bulky in the car, I have had zero issues. I'm not super strong so usually by the time the baby hits a few months old, I don't like to carry the car seat anywhere unless it's from the car to the stroller. 

We did find with 5 kids, it's easiest to have baby by the door. I tried putting the car seat in the middle of our Honda Odyssey Van and it made sliding the chairs for backseat access a little difficult.


Child weight/height: UP TO 32 IN / MAX. 35 LBS, BIRTH - APPROX. 18 MONTHS


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Stay tuned for our review on the Cybex Orfeo Travel Stroller!


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