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Third Time's a Charm...Hospital Bag Necessities

By the time you hit the second half of the third trimester you may start thinking about what you need to pack in your hospital bag. I mean...there is sooooo much that you could pack and bring with you. 

For the most part...the hospital provides everything you will need during your stay. 

For the mommy...They give you the sexy underwear and giant pads. You even get a stylish air-condition robe to wear the entire time! If they donʻt offer you lanolin nipple cream be sure to ask!

For baby they give you the swaddle blankets to use (which apparently you arenʻt supposed to take but everyone seems to take one or two home with them). They give you diapers, vasoline for that sticky black poop, wipes.  Baby might even have a little onesie on and the keepsake beanie!

When packing your bag...I totally recommend to try not to overpack. It is a lot easier said than done but possible. I mean, I had 3 tries so far and I think I finally got it down!

With Kalei, I definitely overpacked. I read all the blogs, packed every possible thing I could need and ended up using almost nothing that I brought. I think I had the boppy in the car and an extra pillow that I never brought into the hospital...I had a full diaper bag packed  with diapers and way too many outfits. And then I packed like I would be changing my clothes as if I were staying at a hotel! And  since he was our first we told everyone we were in the hospital so we got a ton of flowers, balloons and gifts we also had to bring home. Our car was full by the time we left the hospital!!!
With Kili I thought I would not make the same mistake so I downsized but I still had a lot of things I did not need. We didn't tell everyone that we were at the hospital  this time and kept it to immediate family (I also opted to leave the next day). I still  overpacked in terms of clothes for me but it was much better.
Preparing for Mehanaʻs arrival was different. I definitely procrastinated (up until we were leaving for the hospital) but I had everything we needed and not too much. My biggest problem was not having everything we needed when we got home! Thank goodness for Target Drive-Up! 


Below you will find my packing list for the hospital.

There are things on there that I didn't bring but have listed as options under comfort items. I would have loved my diffuser but I did not want to pack it. I skipped out of the pillows and just ask for more pillows from the nurses. I also do not have a written birthing plan or had a plan in general but if you have one...that would be good to bring!

If you plan on taking newborn photos and don't want to take pictures in the hospital gown, don't forget your picture clothes! I had a bag just for photos!


hospital checklist by the keiki dept
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