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Aloha Monthly Photo Circles

Aloha Monthly Photo Circles

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Do you mark each month of your baby's first year with a photo? I won't lie, it seams easy enough but remember to take the picture is more than half the battle! After 5 kids, I know that setting that alarm to remind you to take the photo is key!

As our ohana continues on our Hawaiian language journey, I wanted to mark each month (mahina) of ʻImi's first year with a photo marker in Olelo Hawaii. I figured if I wanted this, some of you might want it too!


This set comes with 13, one-sided, 4" wooden photo circles and a drawstring bag to keep them in.

It is laser cut and may have some imperfections in the engraving process.

These circles are one sided and can be saved for future keiki.

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