5 Summer Bucket List Activities for Families

5 Summer Bucket List Activities for Families

We are halfway into summer and we are quickly checking things off our summer bucketlist. I asked each of my keiki what they wanted to do and our goal is to do at least one activity a week. Some things are easier than others but it's always fun to get them involved with planning activities! 

1. Beach Day

At the top of their list was a day at the beach. We had to build up to this one as this Mama isn't totally used to having 4 keiki on her own at the beach. We did a test run where we were just going to walk on the sand which quickly escalated into, maybe we can go in the water. 

beach day with the kids

2. Visit the Aquarium

My kids love the aquarium and so do I! We love to take advantage of their membership and we finally renewed our membership after letting it expire last year.

It's $90 a year for the Family Plus tier and we think its a great deal! Besides covering my husband and myself and all 4 of our kids, you get FREE admission for two guests per visit when accompanied by the member! This is great for when we ask a grandparent or relative to tag along! 

waikiki aquarium with the keiki dept

3. Pool Day at Home

Okay so we don't have a real pool but the kids look forward to setting up the inflatable pool in the yard. It's a real treat when we all squeeze in to cool off on these hot Hawaii days. We usually try to stockpile a few inflatable pools when they go on sale at the end of the summer and save for the following summer break!

keiki dept pool day at home

4. Picnic at the Park

Probably something I least look forward to but something I'm willing to do for them...a picnic at the park. It's a lot of work and I'm usually exhausted by the time we get home but they love a picnic. It usually consists of them choosing lunch, finding a shady spot or playground, a quick meal, running around and then trying to get them back in the car. 

keiki dept picnic

5. Find a New Playground

We're new to the playground search game but my kids finally convinced me it's worth it. So far we've only attempted to find one but we are on a mission to find the best playgrounds close to our house! 

keiki dept playground hunt


We got sick at the end of June so we lost 2 weeks (give or take) so we still have some work to do on their bucket list. Last on their list is to go hiking, have a movie night (and camp in the living room), and fly on an airplane! Lucky for them we have our first family trip to Hawaii Island at the end of July (and our first time flying with 4 kids). 



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