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How I Chose My Breast Friend

If you ask any new mom what their favorite pump is, chances are they might say Medela or Spectra. There are other brands out there but these are the two I am familiar with.

Why I chose Medela - Back when I had Kalei in 2015, none of my good friends had kids. We were the first of the bunch. I did a ton of research at the time on which pump was the best to have. At the time, Medela was the gold standard as far as I could tell so I ordered it through my insurance. At the time my Doctor just wrote me a prescription and I had to figure out how to order a pump.

If you live in Hawaii and need help getting a pump with a prescription, I went through CalMed Hawaii (

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Why I chose Spectra - Fast-forward to 2018, I ended up trying the Spectra S2. I was back to researching the newest pump.  I was loyal to Medela but wanted to just check to see if any newer pump came out. Everything I read from former Medela users swore Spectra was better. It was covered by insurance and I decided to take the leap and try it. Worst case, I would buy another Medela if I didn’t like it - I had ended up buying a second pump anyway with Kalei to leave at work (I always forgot pump parts at home so it was easier to have a second set).

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Figure out who my breast friend is???? Instead of making you read or scroll to the end, I fell in love with the Spectra S1. You might already be thinking, insurance only covered the S2 so how did you end up with the S1?


 Medela Pump in Style Advanced:

  • Well known and loved by many
  • Open system design - harder and more time consuming to clean
  • 2 phase expression technology
  • Comes with a. Microfiber bag that holds the built-in. Pump
  • Weights 7lbs
  • medela breast pump


    Spectra S2:

    • Hospital Grade
    • Quieter than the Medela
    • Backflow Protection (closed system) - provides a physical barrier between the milk and pump  AND tubing stays dry!
    • Suction strength: 250 mmHg
    • Customizable pump settings for letdown and expression modes
    • Nightlight to see the pump’s display and controls in the dark
    • Weighs 4 lbs
    spectra s2 breast pump

    Spectra S1

  • Same features as the S2
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight (2.9 lbs)
  • spectra s1 breast pump

    Why my my Breastfriend is the Spectra S1 - I loved the Spectra S2 and I ended up getting the S1 when I went back to work. The closed system and rechargeable battery won me over. I liked not having to plug into the wall or having to make sure I had batteries on hand for the Medela.

    The Medela was a hassle to clean - on top of the breast shield and flange, you have to clean the tubing and pump itself. I also liked that I could pump straight into the Kiinde bags with the Spectra. When I used the Medela, I would pump into their bags and then transfer to a bottle - I felt like I was wasting a lot of milk that would get caught in the bags.

    What should you choose? Buying a pump isn’t like trying on clothes and getting to return if it doesn’t fit you well. In my opinion, due to the ease of cleaning and portability…I without a doubt recommend the Spectra S1 to anyone that can afford it. I actually just ordered another Spectra through my insurance for my 3rd pregnancy.

    My backup this time around??? I will be ordering another pump (Baby Buddah) and I will definitely review it once the time comes for me to use it!


    Want to see all of my favorite Breast Pumps and Accessories??? Check out my Amazon List here.



    Do you have a favorite pump? Tell us what your favorite pump is and why in the comments!

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