Kaleimamo Hawaii Collab

Kaleimamo Hawaii Collab

If you've been following us for a while you know we started our cloth diaper journey with our 4th baby, 'Imi. Since having kids I've become more conscious about the decisions we make as a family and as a business owner. I try to make decisions that will help leave a less negative impact on our Earth so that our kids and their kids will be able to enjoy what we have today. You can read about how we started our cloth journey here.

We have been using cloth for a little over 6 months now. I definitely have our routine down...I usually wash every 2-3 days and I probably have around 30 diapers. I definitely have turned into that mom where I save my favorite prints for when we go out, and use the solid prints for when we are at home. 

keiki dept collab with kaleimamo hawaii

Our collab with Kaleimamo Hawai'i releases tomorrow, June 1st, and I'm so excited! I think I probably asked her right after we started using cloth so this has been months in the making. Once I was confident in our cloth diapering, I knew we had to do a collab! I'm so happy that Pohai said yes!

We went through I don't know how many different print samples of the material, trying to get the green right. Did you know green is a really hard color to print (blue is another one). Getting that perfect shade of green was tough but we finally nailed it!

This collab is a limited release and she is selling the collab items on her website. We don't usually do collabs with our prints so this is definitely a special one for us!

If you are on her mailing list you can get early access, otherwise the release is happening on June 1, 2022 at 9am HST! 


If you are looking to start on your cloth diaper journey, here are a few of our favorite item's from Amazon


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